The complete guide to starting a successful YouTube channel.

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So you’re considering starting your YouTube journey for your company or sharing information, are you? Then it is a great thought as YouTube gives you a platform to share your content and grow.

As per the statistics, more than 1 Billion hours of content is watched everyday on YouTube. This shows the popularty of YouTube and the potential to grow your channel.

YouTube channels enable you to acquire exposure online and also share your content with the globe. To help you along this process, we’ve offered a breakdown of some essentials to grow your YouTube channel.


Is it worth starting a YouTube channel?

When you start your YouTube channel, you might have the fear that you won’t grow. But if you stay consistent and keep posting valuable content, you will grow. This journey on YouTube will help you learn many new things about content creation, video editing, and many more. So, most importantly, starting a YouTube channel will be a learning journey, and with your dedication, you can make a substantial income as well.

How to start your Channel?

The best time to start a YouTube channel is now, and we have listed the basic steps to follow while starting your channel.

Set up your Channel

To setup your YouTube channel you must follow these steps to get started.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Then “Create a Channel” by clicking on your public picture.
  3. Choose your channel name and add your About section.
  4. Improve your channel by adding a profile picture and banner image.
  5. After you cross 100 subscribers and follow the above steps, add a custom URL.

Select a Niche

Once you have a channel, you must fill it with good content. Attempt to develop a content strategy and plan before creating your channel to post new video clips constantly.

Some types of content do better than others on YouTube. When drawing up your web content strategy, concentrate on one or two of these preferred niches while keeping your target audience in mind.

Education – Video is the ideal style for learning something new, especially education, so it’s no wonder educational content is so preferred on YouTube. These videos may cover lectures, or short concept videos that are tailored especially towards children.

Product Unboxing and Reviewing – Unboxing items have ended up being preferred on YouTube as well, enabling creators to reveal to viewers what can be found in the package of an item.


Product Review Videos are straightforward. You find a product and services you’ve tried as well as assess the quality. Show the pros, cons, as well as any details your audience might find helpful.

Comedy – One of the best ways to grow on YouTube is to create comedy content. If you can make people laugh, you can get views. Funny videos can include standup comedy, animated comedy, and more. Video clips in this niche on YouTube are widely shared on various other platforms as well.


Many YouTubers do not start saying that they don’t have access to DSLR cameras and microphones. Just because of this, they don’t start, but they forget that every YouTuber started small, and the best equipment to start your YouTube channel is your smartphone. So pick up your smartphone and get started.

Stay Consistent

Another crucial suggestion is to be consistent with your uploads. Regardless of exactly how imperfect you think your content is, you must keep posting your videos and sharing valuable content.

Some YouTube channel owners publish videos once or twice a week and let their visitors know about this timetable (usually at the end of each video clip) so visitors know when to examine back. This gives a channel a larger opportunity of getting a stable flow of sights.

How to Optimize your Channel?

With over a billion unique YouTube site visitors each month, there is a big possible audience for every single video you upload. But with so many upcoming and established YouTubers, it becomes difficult to get recognized and grow.


So, let’s take a look at a few of the techniques you can apply to your channel and the most effective ways to enhance your YouTube network for SEO.

Keywords in Title and Description

As a new YouTuber, you must target long-tail keywords and use them in your title and description. This will help you rank in YouTube and on Google as well.

For example, if you are creating content on Instagram, use keywords like “How to grow your Instagram page” instead of using “Instagram” only as the latter has a high keyword difficulty and becomes difficult to rank.

Attractive Thumbnail

As a viewer, what appeals more is the visual image. If your thumbnail is not attractive, the viewers will not click on your video. So, creating an “eye-catching” thumbnail is important.


Add Hashtags and Tags

Creators forget the need to add hashtags to the videos. Hashtags and tags have the same importance on YouTube as they have on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You must add hashtags in the description box and tags in the tag box in the video.

Use End Screen

An End Screen is a YouTube feature that shows up in the last 5-20 seconds of a video. YouTubers can use their end display for advertising videos, playlists, and products.

Focus on the first 15 seconds

The first 15 seconds of your YouTube video will decide your views and audience retention. But Why? Since viewers will certainly choose within that very first 15 seconds whether your video is worth watching. Once you’ve obtained their trust, your video will naturally get higher watch time, improving the rank of your video.

YouTube Income Streams

Making money should not be your first reason for starting a YouTube channel. The main motive should be providing knowledge and gathering a loyal audience base. But once you grow, there are multiple sources of income for you.

YouTube Ads

The major source of income in YouTube, any creator, wishes for is YouTube ads. Signing up with the YouTube Partners Program as well as establishing monetization is important for your channel. You can make an application for monetization as soon as you have actually hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past year. The steps to apply for monetization are: –

  1. Login to your YouTube account and go to your channel.
  2. Click on YouTube Studio.
  3. Then select Other Features, and then Monetization.
  4. Read the YouTube monetization terms and agree.
  5. You have to create a new account(AdSense) as it is important to earn.
  6. Set your monetization preferences.


Sell Your Merchandise

There are a lot of products to offer that can help you earn money via your YouTube network. Selling merchandise like t-shirts, coffee cups, backpacks, etc., has an advantage other than earnings.

The product increases your exposure by placing your brand on the internet and growing the relationship between you and your fans as they actually purchase what you’re selling.

Influencer Marketing

Brands are investing increasingly more in influencer marketing. They spend their spending plans on influencers who have actually already won the loyalty of their audiences. This develops an enormous possibility for you as a creator if you can get the best deal.


The important point when partnering with a brand is to be transparent regarding it, not backing anything you don’t really like or believe in. You should not collaborate with brands just to earn some money. If the products are harmful or useless, you might even lose your audience base.

For students, we at Max Developer provide you with YouTube Premium for free so that you can know how other YouTubers in your niche create content and grow. Using this offer, you can watch your favorite content for free without any ads and while using other apps.

We hope you got an idea about how you can start your YouTube channel and grow it. The important point is to create valuable content that will attract more people. You can read our more blogs – here.