How to use LinkedIn as a College Student – Complete Guide.

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If you’re reading this blog on LinkedIn, you'll possibly be at home with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. you almost certainly even have an account with some of those, and also, perhaps you lollygag around among these platforms rather than studying.

However, what happens if there have been a way you may air social networks and progress your future job leads? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in today’s post, which is everything about LinkedIn.

We’ll discover why LinkedIn matters as a student, just a way to develop your LinkedIn profile (consisting of some LinkedIn summary instances for students), exactly the way to make use of it to network, and just a way to use it to locate work also internships.

How is LinkedIn beneficial?

Some people see it as a social networking site, like Facebook and Instagram, while others see it as a work board. Both assumptions are proper to a certain degree but, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a lot more tailored towards experts. 

Unlike many platforms, LinkedIn does more than just allow you to look for openings. In our opinion, it is an invaluable resource for students.


Build Connections

Start by getting in touch with your friends, peers, and teachers, then branch out to the industry you wish to work. You never know when a connection can be found handy. The larger your network, the more likely you will be referred for a role.

Shows your Dedication

Having a LinkedIn account as a student proves that you are dedicated to seeking a job. By specifying in your profile and getting in touch with individuals in the field that you wish to end up in. This way, you confirm that you’re putting in the moment and the effort needed to prosper in the job.

Get Job / Internships alert

While LinkedIn is about a lot more than just searching for work. It is still precious when it concerns finding your following placement- which makes LinkedIn specifically helpful for freshers.

You can program it to send you work notifications for your preferred business, companies, or certain tasks. This will ensure that you’ll never miss out on a fantastic opportunity again.

As per the statistics, over 44% of the users earn more than 75,000 $ per year from their job from LinkedIn.

Being a college student, I am quite active when it comes to LinkedIn. As I am pursuing computer, I am more into coding so I connect with coders, and software engineers. Just connecting won’t help. I regularly engage with their content and share valuable content on coding.

So, if you share content and connect with people related to your interest, I am sure you are going to make the most out of it. You can read more about getting internships – here.


Get Invited by the Company

Today, many companies look for skilled candidates on social networking systems like LinkedIn. If you have an excellent as well as detailed profile, possibilities are you will come in the company’s focus. It would be nice if you are invited by the company itself for the role you have always wanted.

Company Research

Among the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers college students and job seekers is that they can look into the pages of their targeted companies.

By seeing company pages, you can conduct a research study on the company’s location, the working process, and previous employee reviews.

Company study on LinkedIn can always keep you ahead of your competitors and increase your chances of getting selected.

Optimize your Profile

Having a wonderful LinkedIn account assists you in bringing in employers’ focus when they’re searching for new talent to join their company’s teams. Do not neglect that 90% of employers make use of LinkedIn regularly!

An increasing number of experts use LinkedIn often for expert and individual development.
Your profile and also your activities on LinkedIn have an excellent influence on your personal name.


Professional Profile Picture

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture is the first impression of your LinkedIn profile. As per the statistics, people with good profile picture get 21 times more views and 9 times more connections.
A professional profile picture is must if LinkedIn is an important platform for you.

Heading and Summary

In your heading, describe what you perform in 120 characters or less. Be simple and also creative yet clear as well as helpful.
Make sure you consist of one of the most relevant key phrases in your heading, as it makes you much easier to discover when searching for professionals in your area of specialization in LinkedIn.

Keep your sumary short and interesting, take note of keywords, and update your summary on a regular basis to ensure it’s as precise as feasible.
The summary section allows you to include high-quality media, such as images, video clips, documents, and also links,


More is not enough when it concerns LinkedIn Skills – it is far better to note fever skills and get recommendations than to provide a wide selection of different skills yet to have nobody back them.

You have to update this section a couple of times a year. Whenever you find out a new skill or feel like a skill you have noted is no longer pertinent to your occupation passions, make changes appropriately.


LinkedIn recommendations are gaining popularity and are important in context to jobs and internships. The best way to get recommendations is to mutual understading with a colleague that you write recommendations for each other. The more precise and valuable your recommendation, the better recommendation you can expect to gain back! 

Your recommendations show how good you are and create a positive impression on the mind of the recruiters.


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