Why Coding? – The Ultimate Guide you need before starting to code.

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If one wants to be in an industry that is rapidly evolving and competitive, coding is the way to go. This skill will prepare you for more than just a computer science career. It teaches you how computers work, how to solve problems, and how to think creatively and logically.

Coding is an invaluable skill in today’s world. It is a valuable tool for solving problems and creating opportunities. Coding is the skill of our time and it will only continue to grow in importance as technology advances.

It is a skill that is in demand and essential to this day and age. It can help you grow your skillset and make you more valuable in the market. If you know how to code, it will be easier for you to get a job than someone who doesn’t.

Everyone knows the future is going to be full of computers, and in order to have a successful career in any field you will need to learn how to code. This article will explore some of the reasons why you should learn how to code, what opportunities it can give you, and some great resources that can help you get started with learning how to code.

How to learn Coding?

Coding is an important skill to learn. And with time, many platforms have come up that are providing courses and classes for people to learn coding from scratch. So there are different ways of learning to code online.


Online Sites

Web sites like Codecademy and also Freecodecamp are advised for interactive coding sessions. These were developed with the suggestion that many newbies are stuck at the start when they begin to find out to code.

These sites provide editors and also compilers to start coding immediately. Apart from these, you can go with sites like EdX, Udemy and others as well. To know more about the platforms, you can read your blog.

If you are a person that wants a thorough study with step by step tutorial we suggest you enroll right into any online courses that educates you from the beginning to install as well as download IDE’s for different languages to basic ideas of the language, and also it finishes with a project to examine your coding abilities. Some tutorials and also training courses also provide accreditations that might help you later when you seek the job.

How Coding helps you?


Building logical ability

Coding helps you to use logic and algorithms to create a program. When encountering a brand-new challenge, you need to follow a method of problem solving. Therefore, this is a workout for your mind to educate up your logical capability. Logical thinking is not just regarding addressing algorithms but additionally beneficial to your personal and expert life.

Huge Demand

Developers and also programmers remain in high demand around the globe. From the recent study of SalaryExplorer, the average wage of a developer or programmer in Hong Kong is HK$ 36,500 each month, ranging from HK$ 15,600 to HK$ 53,800 monthly. At the same time, the record by Demographics and Data Department indicates the mean regular monthly income for the basic HK Labour force in 2020 was only HK$ 18,400 each month. This shows the huge demand for Coders and developers.


Start your own app or website

One of the most encouraging points in finding out to code is to create something on your own. You can digitize your concepts, for example, develop an app that might obtain viral on the market. Or you can start your own organization with technical knowledge, from an online shop to a specialist agency, company, or mobile games firm, you call it. In other words, discovering to code can be a method to make your dreams come true.

Which language to start with?


The first step in learning to code is to select the programming language to learn. It is suggested, to begin with, Python as it is easy like English and so simple to discover. You can have a look at several of the most effective Python tutorial and get going. However, you may pick the language that you love and also based on the future project you wish to create.

So if you wish to develop a mobile app, you may want to start with Java or Kotlin for Android as well as Swift for iOS, as well as. JavaScript is a language recommended to begin with if you want to build website. For a career in information scientific research, AI & ML, Python & R are the languages to study.

Coding Ninjas


Coding Ninjas is a company that offers you courses on various domains of Computer Science. Many of the students willing to learn coding prefer Coding Ninjas for learning and creating new skills. All the courses are of superior high quality, and you obtain advisor assistance also.

Why Coding Ninjas?

  1. Coding Ninjas provide an in-depth course structure with regular tests and assessments. Also, if you get 60% marks, you will get a certificate of completion.
  2. The teachers and trainers are highly professional and make sure you get every bit of knowledge.
  3. You get 24×7 support from the team regarding your doubts.


Personal Experience

I am a BCA student, and as a computer student, it’s important for me to learn coding to the maximum. So, after researching a lot about different platforms like Udemy, YouTube and a few others, I learned about Coding Ninjas. 

I personally wanted to learn Java, and after seeing the reviews, I took up a course from Coding Ninjas. The course was very on-point, and I was able to learn Java to the best. After the course and regular practice, I worked on a few projects and recently landed an internship as Java Developer.

Also, I am someone who loves studying at night, so sometimes I message them at 1-2 am for douts. In no time, my doubts got cleared with made my learning fast and effective.

Such was the level of teaching in Coding Ninjas. Without any doubt, you can go for Coding Ninjas. 

So, we hope you got an idea of why coding is so important for your future and how can you take coding as a career.