Want An Internship? – Here Are Some Points To Keep In Mind.

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Graduates today face the most challenging job market in years. Trainees leaving college over the next few years will certainly be likely to face rising competition and also a shrinking number of job chances.

As per the reports from different sites, nearly 20% of the graduates in India are still looking for a job. It shows that 1 out of every five graduates is unemployed. An average graduate, on the other hand, earns about 3.6 LPA.

To market yourself to employers, you must begin thinking of ways to differentiate yourself now. One method is, obviously, by means of job experience.

Whatever you do, having internships on your curriculum vitae before leaving college tells possible companies that you have actually experienced workplace atmospheres. This shows that you are dedicated to your occupation and have some knowledge of the market you wish to work.


Sadly, pupils usually deal with finding those very first teaching fellowships. This is due to zero previous work experience and just a vague notion of what they want to do. Keep reading for some simple actions to break through that first internship obstacle.

Why are Internships important?

You require the experience to get hands-on expertise in your job area. In today’s work market, companies depend greatly on resumes that demonstrate work history, whether it is from real work experience, volunteer work, or interning at a firm.

An internship is the main program provided by firms to aid train as well as supply job experience to students as well as graduates.

Find and Skill Up your Interests

You might feel that the career option you chose is best for you. But it is always not possible that it is true. So, internships are an opportunity for you to get experience in the field and find out if you are really interested in it. This will help you save time and find your true interest.


For example, I was someone who was fascinated by Designing, and I took up an internship as a Graphic Designer. But after working for a month, my interest started shifting towards writing. Slowly with time, I focused on Content writing, and now I am working with Max Developer as a Content writer. Not only this, I am doing something I am in love with.

In the same way, you can find that you are interested in something else and will find more joy in it.

Build Connections

Internships allow you to network with both new and also skilled experts within your industry. If your internship has other interns along with you, this is an outstanding chance to make professional bonds with one another.

The even more people you meet in the globe with the same passion, the higher your chances to grow as a specialist. Internships teach you how these individuals work, what strategies they utilize to tackle a difficult situation, as well as how they get the job done.

Additionally, right into your professional job, you can aid each other get placements or obtain recommendations for possibilities at your firms.


Competitive Edge

Everyone recognizes that the work market is competitive, especially in the existing environment. There might be numerous other candidates applying for the same role as you. Consequently, you need to make your stand.

Internships can give you experience and help employers see you and show them that you would be a great fit for their company. It also shows that you have the drive and interest and have been inspired to acquire experience beyond just University.

How to get Internship?

Create a CV

If you have not done so already, now is when you need to compose your CV. This is one of the most integral parts of the application procedure.
What skills or qualities do you have that the company could make use of? This could be anything from study to managing social media sites or Photoshop. Instead of organizing your CV based on work, list your key abilities and then provide concrete instances of exactly how you have actually acquired and utilized your skills.

As this will be your first internship, you need not worry. Instead of work experience, you can include skills that you believe would be relevant to the role you are applying for.


Show Professionalism

One of the most made mistakes that individuals commonly make in their first internship is that they do not treat it like a job and carry unprofessional behavior. Clearly, you have to be your true self at the office and make sure to show a professional character to show the best version of yourself.


Networking is extremely important whether you’re a student or an employee, and it’s one of the important points that help workers or subjects find jobs and also no-experience internships.
Whether you’re trying to find paid or unpaid internships without experience, networking is a great way to do it. That means that once you obtain words out that you’re searching for an internship, you’ll automatically be on that main checklist of potential recruiters.

Best Sites to apply for Internship

Below we have listed some of the best sites from where you can apply for both part-time and full-time internships. Internships are available in different companies for different fields.


Internshala is one of the biggest platforms in India to get internships. It not only provides internships but also provide job opportunities and trains you in different skills.
Applying for an internship at Internshala is pretty simple. You have to create an account on Internshala and fill in your details.



LinkedIn is a professional platform where students and graduates create an account and list about their professional career. Whenever applying for an internship or job, your LinkedIn profile carries a lot of weight.
Apart from this, linkedIn provides internships and job opportunities in different MNCs and startups.


Let’s Intern

Let’s Intern is a platform that focuses on providing internships to college students who are specialized in a particular field. You can filter internships based on location, interest and desired stipend as well.


So, we hope you got an idea about why internships are important and how you can get your first internships. You can read our more blog to get 100% Internship – here.